Dominica’s Prime Minister Welcome


Innovation and renewal are our words of the day and year, and of our future…


Dominica Prime Minister, Hon. Roosevelt Skeritt

In a competitive global market, the Commonwealth of Dominica shines as a symbol of resilience and  regeneration. Recent history is a testament to our ability as a united, empathetic country to overcome the challenges of economic uncertainty and environmental devastation, and to emerge stronger and more determined than ever before. Only last year, the reality of climate change was made apparent to us when our nation lost ninety percent of its GDP following the incessant rains of Tropical Storm Erika. But we rose to the occasion, and rebuilt a more formidable nation, ensuring that all social, economic, and environmental systems have the capacity to withstand the tests that may come our way.

Despite Tropical Storm Erika, Dominica is on a path of growth – with economic projections for 2016 indicating that our island will be one of the Caribbean’s highest performing nations. Dominicans have taken to heart the vision of a thriving country, and it is with unprecedented ethos that we have transformed our island into the beating heart of eco-tourism, a champion of green construction, and a resourceful producer of goods and provider of services. It is not by chance that the Cabrits Resort Kempinski and the Curio Collection of Hotels by Hilton have both made Dominica their home, promising sustainable development, luxurious resorts to be the envy of the Caribbean, and respect for our lush nature. Innovation and renewal are our words of the day and year, and of our future.

But this exceptional island that we call home – our Dominica – is not just for Dominicans: it is for all those who wish to become part of our family. Our Citizenship by Investment Programme, welcoming of foreign nationals from across all continents and from any cultural background, speaks to our determination to share our accomplishments with the wider world.

With our Programme comes opportunity. For the applicant, it is the opportunity to be a part of a safe,
stable community intent on investing in its people. For Dominicans, it is the opportunity to fuel the
further advancement of our nation. New development agendas, such as the edification of our first 7-megawatt geothermal plant and the exploration of green energy sources are but a few of the projects that rest on the Programme’s success.

Our Programme has evolved in concert with the consolidation of our economy, and we remain
conscientious of the need to secure its longevity and continuing triumphs. To this end, we have embraced transparency in all aspects of Programme administration, from training in de-risking measures to strict adherence to accountability systems. Detailed information on the use of citizenship by investment funds is regularly presented to Parliament, and made available for review by any interested party. Our policy is one of profound openness, both with our people and our allies – with the goal of guaranteeing that the Programme will be part of Dominica’s national framework for many years to come.

In Dominica, we are a spirited people resolved to nurture our communities, develop strong businesses,
and embrace our cultural uniqueness. With this approach, we welcome you to be a part of our success


Dr the Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit
Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica