Dominica’s Prime Minister Welcome


We are cognisant of the great privilege that nature has afforded us…


Dominica Prime Minister, Hon. Roosevelt SkerittI, like all Dominicans, am in constant awe of our island. Surrounded by untouched, verdant and lush nature, we are cognisant of the great privilege that nature has afforded us, and we are blessed with being able to experience this as our priceless heritage. I challenge you to find anywhere else on the planet like Dominica.

As the world faces the daunting challenge of climate change, and with the awareness of our natural paradise, I have pledged, and I am committed to do everything in my power to ensure that Dominica remains sustainably green for future generations. With the awareness that in being a small island we are often more exposed to the effects of climate change and global warming, we have begun investing in eco-friendly projects, clean technologies and renewable energy. We are preparing to usher in an era of environmental consciousness.

With security high on our minds, we are also looking to strengthen and deepen our protection from external forces and to build on our internal safety – even though Dominica is already one of safest islands in the Caribbean. Not only does it experience a low crime rate, it is also a risk-free destination for investment.

Recent amendments and policy decisions have made doing business in Dominica easier than ever before, and the prudent and responsible management of our economy has allowed us to experience economic growth even in the face of adversity. This truth is reflected in recent assessments of international multilateral partners.

Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme makes an important contribution to the development and diversification of the economy, so we strive to ensure that it remains one of the strongest economic citizenship offerings in the world – respected locally and internationally.

This is achieved through strong adherence to good governance practices, including transparency in the processing of applications, and in the management of funds. We have made the Programme accountable to all stakeholders at every level: our due diligence procedures are performed by international firms of outstanding international repute; Government CBI spending is made public for all to examine; and the Citizenship by Investment Unit responsible for running the Programme is constantly under review.

As a forward-looking nation that appeals to investors by upholding integrity and principles of good governance, Dominica offers tremendous opportunities for all those who wish to come to its shores. Our open arms policy embraces those who will see and love the beauty of our island just as we do, and those who wish to participate in its development.



Dr the Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit
Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica