Business Opportunities in Dominica

Dominica Investment Opportunities

Dominica fuses its wealth of history, myth, culture and natural resources with an investor friendly environment and capable workforce. Tourism, manufacturing, professional services, agribusiness, financial services and cultural industries are fully open for investment. Dominica is proud to offer a wide range of attractive opportunities to expand your existing business or start an entirely new one.

Business Landscape

Dominica is committed to pursuing growth through public investment, transparent policies and effective laws that foster an open and competitive environment. The government promotes foreign and domestic investment through a one-stop shop investment agency that helps investors navigate the process swiftly and easily. There are no laws requiring local ownership in any sector and the government provides generous incentives to foster investment in preferred sectors such as tax holidays, duty free imports, VAT exemptions, withholding tax exemptions and tax exemptions on certain dividends and international payments.

Sectors of special focus for development include hotel accommodation, including eco-lodges and flagship boutique hotels; nature and adventure tourism services; fine dining restaurants; information and technology services; film, music and video production; agro-processing; manufacturing; bulk water export and bottled water operations; medical and nursing schools; health and wellness tourism; geothermal and biomass industries; biodiversity; aquaculture; and English language training services.


Tax Rates:Percentages
Corporate Tax25%
Value Added Tax15% on all goods & services
Value Added Tax10% on Hotel Accommodation
Personal Income Tax15% on first XCD 20,000; 25% on next XCD 30,000; 35% on excess
Capital Gains TaxNone


* Persons who retire in Dominica are exempted from taxes on income earned from a source outside of Dominica as long as the person was not resident in Dominica prior to retirement. Dominica has a tax treaty with Great Britain, the United States and CARICOM countries to prevent double taxation of income earned in Dominica.


Company Incorporation

Dominica offers several forms of incorporation, including non-profit, limited liability company, corporation and partnership. After determining the type that best suits your needs, you must register your business and its name with the government, apply for a taxpayer identification number and register as an employer with the Social Security Institute. Additional requirements may apply for certain activities such as construction or those involving fisheries.