Dominican Insights

Alexander Bazhanov
St Petersburg – 46 year old

Why did you apply for an alternative citizenship?

I was concerned about the recent foreign relations tensions in my country, and I did not want to fully depend on one passport. Ease of travel was also important to me.

What made you choose citizenship by investment in the Caribbean?

The Caribbean has affordable programmes that still give you the benefits of visa-free travel to hundreds of nations – including the Schengen Area and the UK.

What were your expectations and aims when you applied for second citizenship?

To receive a legitimate and respected second citizenship from a peaceful country, thanks to which I could travel worldwide and do business internationally hassle-free.

Which investment option did you choose and why?

I decided to make a contribution to Dominica’s EDF because it was the most affordable option for me as a single applicant, and because it was faster than any real estate alternative.

What is the most impactful lifestyle change you experienced since obtaining your new citizenship?

I feel I am part of a much wider world – people no longer think of me as ‘just’ Russian. I am an international person. I am also a lot freer to travel.

What other investment opportunities have you taken advantage of in the Caribbean?

I am looking to invest in a hotel in Dominica, as tourism on the island is growing and I’ve seen some big hotel chains entering the Dominican market.