Pure Grenada

Let your senses guide you to Grenada citizenship, the country is famed as the Caribbean’s isle of spice and for its unique visa free travel opportunities.

The tri-island state of Grenada bustles with energy, breathes sophistication and radiates celebration. Sip a tropical cocktail in one of its colourful marinas and you will spot celebrities and international people from all corners of the globe. Stroll barefoot on its cotton-soft beaches and you may catch a glimpse of a whale or one of Grenada’s many other aquatic wonders.

Investment & Charm

Grenada is building a modern, service-oriented economy with a focus on luxury travel and the development of fashionable resorts. Foreigners steering their investments in this nation often settle here for life, having been lured by Grenada’s charm and friendly tax system. The Grenadian Government also boasts strong ties with the international community, which has resulted in the country signing visa-free agreements with almost 120 nations, including the Schengen signatories and the People’s Republic of China, which can be access with a Grenada passport.

The Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme was inaugurated in 2013 and has rapidly become one of the most popular choices for international entrepreneurs and large families, which are especially welcomed under the Programme. Grenada accepts applicants who make a donation to its Government fund or who invest in pre-approved real estate. Applications are processed within 3 months or less, during which time the Government ensures stringent due diligence checks are performed on all applicants and their dependants.


A growing economy, bolstered by commitment to entrepreneurship makes Grenada a shining star of the Caribbean.



A wealth of untapped opportunities in pristine sun, sand and high living combined with favourable policies awaits your entrepreneurial vision.


Country Info

Rich in culture, history and overflowing with friendliness, Grenada welcomes you to participate in its festivities and enjoy its island delights.



Read about a parent looking for a better lifestyle and an expanded horizon of opportunities for her family’s future through Grenadian citizenship.


CBI Programme

Explore the benefits of Grenadian citizenship for you and your family, securing your horizons and your family’s future.