Grenadian Insights

Viola Yuting Qian, Shanghai – Financial Analyst – 33 years old

Why did you apply for an alternative citizenship?
I was thinking about my child’s wellbeing. I want to give my daughter access to the best education, top healthcare and clean environments. I also want her to have the freedom to explore the world.

What made you choose citizenship by investment in the Caribbean?
I wanted to find a fast solution. Getting a second citizenship in the Caribbean only takes three months.

What were your expectations and aims when you applied for second citizenship?
My short-term aims were visa-free travel and a better lifestyle for my family. In the long run, I expect returns on my daughter’s education.

Which investment option did you choose and why?
I decided to apply through Grenada’s NTF route. I did not know the local real estate market and I wanted an uncomplicated option.

What is the most impactful lifestyle change you experienced since obtaining your new citizenship?
With Grenadian citizenship it is easy for us to travel – especially to Commonwealth countries. I can even go to China on my Grenadian passport visa-free.

What other investment opportunities have you taken advantage of in the Caribbean?
My Grenadian citizenship allows me to apply for the E-2 Visa to invest in the USA. I am looking into this and will also open a subsidiary company in Grenada.