Grenada’s Ministerial Address


Grenada, our awe-inspiring nation, is thriving; exceeding even our own expectations.


grenadamin_01_415x505Our country, which we have branded as ‘Pure’ to reflect our pristine environment, continues to capture minds and spirits, and as a result we are developing new sub-brands like ‘Pure Diving;’ the ‘April 2016 Pure Grenada Music Festival;’ the ‘Pure Grenada Nutmeg Festival;’ and the tourism sector’s call to action: “Go Pure Grenada.” The ‘Pure’ concept is catching on – and we expect this to encompass our chocolate and spice products, as well as many more ‘pure everything’ goods.

Pure Grenada is more than a brand however – it has changed the way we think about our nation, and it is helping us to appreciate those ordinary, everyday things we might take for granted, such as: not experiencing traffic jams, having no skyscrapers, an extremely low crime rate and our artisanal fishermen who display their dawn catch on our sandy beaches. We also have a vibrant musical and artistic culture, which reflects the inspirational charm and beauty of our islands.

Grenada’s investment climate is robust and we continue to attract successful and world-renowned investment. The Government is focused on the development of our economy and constantly strives to improve the quality of life of our citizens – if living in paradise isn’t enough! Education, which contributes 20 percent to Grenada’s GDP thanks to world-renowned St George’s University, is a rapidly growing sector and we are very proud of the top-notch education being provided.

Tourism currently contributes 25 percent to our GDP and is the reason why investment in this sector has been increasing. With a wide array of hotel and other accommodation options – ranging from luxury resorts to humble bed and breakfasts – as well as a fabulous and cosmopolitan selection of restaurants, inseparable from some of the friendliest people in the Caribbean, Grenada’s unique tourism product continues to enjoy unreserved growth.

There is no doubt that our tri-island state of Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique has the perfect blend of beauty, knowledge and sublime experiences. We hold our sovereignty very dear and are happy to share it through our Citizenship by Investment Programme using some of the strongest due diligence to protect it.

We look forward to a very bright future as Grenada continues to gain momentum, with new investors discovering our paradise.



The Honourable Alexandra Otway
Minister of Implementation of Grenada