An investment opportunity in the Commonwealth of Dominica The Commonwealth of Dominica is widely regarded as the Nature Island among the Caribbean island-states. It is also unique in that ‘Mother Nature’ blessed the island with abundance of water. As many as 80 rivers pour out along the east and west coastlines of Dominica to the Caribbean Sea, nine of which are regarded as major rivers. The many tributaries which comprise these rivers have given rise to the expression of Dominica as the ‘Land of 365 Rivers.’ It is estimated that the average daily discharge to the sea of fresh water from the rivers and streams could be as high as 300 million gallons. Information available from recent hydro-geological surveys predicts the availability of a further 185 million gallons per day of underground water that can be drawn for bulk water export on a sustainable basis. In addition, with sixty percent (60%) forest cover, and rich volcanic soils, Dominica’s many streams contain valuable dissolved trace mineral, and are ideal sources for bottled water. World demand for water will continue to increase as population growth continues. It is projected that by 2025 approximately 3.5 billion people will be living in water-scarce countries. Global water shortage has become a reality confronting the international community. Thus, there is an emerging market for the export of fresh bulk water from water-rich countries such as Dominica to water-deficit countries in need of fresh water principally for potable use. The fastest growing segment of the bottled water industry, spring water and vitamin flavoured water, are synonymous with Dominica’s established brand name as the ‘Nature Island of the Caribbean.’ Indeed, its eco-tourism product, its proud history of conservation of the natural environment, and its many forest reserves, national parks, and marine parks, facilitate the marketing of such products. The largest markets for bulk water export are the Middle and Far East. Sustainability of supply to these areas can be guaranteed both because of the abundance of the resource and because it can be delivered quickly. A round trip voyage from Dominica to the Middle East is only 75 days via specially built tankers. Dominica’s location provides easy access to today’s major bulk water export markets. It is located in the middle of the Eastern Caribbean Lesser Antillean chain of islands, and is therefore within close proximity to the major international shipping routes of the Atlantic Ocean, and similarly within easy reach of the Panama Canal with access to nations in the Far East. Dominica is also equidistant from the countries with the largest markets for bottled water; the United States, Mexico, and Brazil. With the main resource readily available in high volumes from both spring and surface sources, the water industry is at the centre of economic expansion. Invest Dominica


  • Water sources are all from forest reserves and exclusive heritage sites
  • High volumes of spring water
  • Ready access and infrastructure for bulk water export
  • Overall low operating cost in Dominica
  • Dominica has very little pollution and surface water is extremely safe for drinking
  • Easy location for settlement with a low crime rate
  • Opportunity to operate in a sector that is not saturated with other competitors
  • Generous, flexible, and tailored fiscal incentives