The Three Pillars of Second Citizenship


Physical Safety

History teaches us that physical safety can be fleeting: in a matter of weeks, the Arab Spring swathed the Middle East; apartheid fragmented South African society with the rise of one and discriminatory doctrine; Hitler’s Germany occupied large sections of Europe for years, displacing families and effacing their national identities. Because we have little influence on the socio-political climate of our countries of birth, a second citizenship in a nation that is sheltered from danger is a precious commodity. There is no need to face turbulence, or expose oneself to crime and violence, when one can find peacefulness and happiness elsewhere. Moreover, when the country providing a safe haven is renowned for its social openness, sense of community, and local friendliness, as are the nations that open their borders to economic citizenship, the decision to obtain a second citizenship is an easy one to make.

Financial Security

Dual citizenship can provide a platform for multi-jurisdictional financial planning. Not only can it ensure that your possessions are protected by a rigorous legal system, but it allows you to hedge your financial risks by allowing you to develop an international portfolio. With citizenship of another, growing country, you can make sure that you are where economic development happens, and that you can access expanding markets to make profitable returns. You can also take advantage of the nation’s comparative advantages, which may be very different from those of your original country of citizenship. Citizenship can also open the doors to economic treaties and other transnational partnerships. Finally, citizenship of a country with a generous tax regime and a growing economy presents the perfect opportunity for intelligent investment

Accessibility & Lifestyle

We underestimate the stress, hassle, and cost of having to apply for a visa – a process that requires tedious form filling, document searching, and payment of heavy fees. As we step more and more into the 21st century, we expect easy accessibility to be commonplace. But if you don’t have the right visa-free privileges, you need to leave your passport at an embassy for weeks before a visa can be issued. With an alternative citizenship, you can radically improve your visa-free travel options, giving you the benefit of carefree mobility. You can also become part of a community that prizes entrepreneurship, values education, and cherishes universal healthcare. Lastly, should you obtain citizenship of a country encased in natural, quiet splendour, you could embrace a whole new lifestyle of relaxation and indulgence.