Visit Our Island of Spice


We can’t wait to welcome you to this special place called Grenada

On Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique, the holiday begins as soon as you step foot on our islands, and let their sounds and smells envelope you. It is not just the scent of nutmeg and mace that will fill your lungs – it is the smell of azure seas carried by a gentle breeze, of the musty ground where waterfalls come crashing down, and of grilled lobster and spiced shrimp as the morning turns into the afternoon. We welcome you to visit Grand Anse Beach, a two-mile long stretch of white sand, with coral reefs just a quick swim away. We challenge you to hike to the Royal Mt. Carmel Waterfalls, which cascade proudly for 70 feet before forming a pool of babbling water. We encourage you to indulge your taste buds with our local exotic cuisine, or at any one of our many fine dining establishments.

With its rich history, Grenada does not merely appeal to the senses, but it also wins the hearts of those most eager to learn its past. Visit the Fort of St. Matthew, tactically built to safeguard the capital of St. George. Explore Belmont Estate, a 300 year-old working plantation with a focus on turning the cocoa bean into delicious, mouth-watering chocolate. Finally, savour some of our delightful rums at the Westerhall Estate, where you can see how Caribbean rum was processed centuries ago.

Located in the south-eastern Caribbean Sea, Grenada is also made stunning by its water-based activities. You can snorkel among sea turtles, kayak to our islands’ most secluded coves, or discern the facial features of people forever immortalized in our underwater sculpture park. If you seek a battle with nature, then come sport fishing with us, and enjoy feasting on the marlins and tunas you catch.

With its bright-coloured marinas and yachts brimming with celebrities, Grenada also offers it visitors the opportunity for luxurious relaxation. For those with expensive habits, then there are few things as exciting strolling in Port Louis, commonly known as the Portofino of the Caribbean.

Finally, we would be amiss not to mention our people. Outgoing and warm, we can’t wait to welcome you to this special place called Grenada.

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