Truly Belong


Belong was founded five years ago for international businesspeople and has a readership of just under 50,000 copies. It is available online and as a print magazine and is designed for people who identify as citizens of the world rather than coming from one particular country. This means that we at Belong focus on international issues with international solutions.

Truly Belong creates content focused on the environment and sustainability. We believe that as the climate crisis escalates, sustainability is fundamental to all citizens of the world.

Being a global citizen not only means having an international outlook but means having a responsibility to look after our planet.

We also cover events in the Caribbean, which is at the forefront of the battle against climate change.

We create articles on a range of international sustainability and environmental issues, such as the global water crisis, the importance of nuclear power and the United Nations’ sustainability goals.

Belong also offers a limited news strand, which covers selected stories about the environment at both the international and local UK level and other international issues of serious importance.

As well as our main focus on the environment and sustainability, we also write features on international culture such as movies and TV shows reviews.