Truly Belong


Belong was founded 5 years ago and is available online and in print. Our readership is diverse and Belong is intended for anyone who cares about the issues facing our planet.

We at Belong celebrate our diverse readership. Many of our readers are international business people who may have more than one home and who identify as citizens of the world rather than of one specific country. This means that we at Belong focus on international issues with international solutions.

Examples of topics we have recently covered include the global water crisis, the growing problem of plastic waste and whether green energy makes a good investment. As well as publishing in-depth features, we also offer a limited news strand, which covers selected international stories with a focus on immigration issues.

As well as articles we also make short videos of some of the events we attend like the Telegraph Plastic Sustainability Summit and to provide visual content for the issues we discuss in some of our features.

Sustainability is a concept that we at Belong believe is fundamental to citizens of the world. To be a global citizen does not only mean an international outlook but also comes with a responsibility to look after the planet that we all call home.