An eco-friendly ultra-luxury superyacht was the star of this year’s Monaco Yacht Show. Well, the 2-metre concept model of it, to be more specific, presented to the ultra-high net worth audience in Monaco, attending the exclusive event between September 23rd and 26th, 2019.

Developed by Sinot, a company based in the Netherlands, in collaboration with Lateral Naval Architects, the futuristic 112-metre vessel disguises innovative hydrogen-electric power technology. This means that you can set sail by solely using fuel cell hydrogen, whose byproduct is merely water.

The fuel cell technology is perfect for remote energy consumption because it allows high portability. Though skepticism over fuel cells was widespread for a while, the growing awareness of global warming and the impending legislative urgency of phasing out carbon emissions make AQUA, as the novel vessel is called, a future-proof investment for those who can afford it.

Speaking of which, how much does Sinot’s Aqua cost? Sinot says the design is at concept stage at the moment but hopes to see it become a reality soon. As UHNWIs often race to be the first to own once-of-a-kind masterpieces, we wonder who the first owner of Aqua would be to show us what the Aqua looks like in real life.

Aqua is designed to quietly reach a top speed of 17 knots with a 3,750 nautical miles range, which is generally around 6,945 km before it would need to stop for refueling.

The lavish superyacht would spread across five decks and could accommodate fourteen guests and more than double that for members of the crew.

The opulent yacht would feature an infinity cascading pool, a cinema, numerous wellness rooms, a 360-view wheelhouse, eco-friendly gel-fueled fire bowls for a cosy evening, and tender ‘parking’ space for jet skis, smaller boats, etc.

Credit: Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design 2019

Rux Josan