The past year has been a challenge for many of us and there is no doubt that it will be one to go down in the history books. 2020 touched us deeply, from the wrath of a global pandemic that continues to take thousands of lives and restrict mobility.

Even Truly Belong postponed this issue due to these uncertain times. But now, more than ever, we want to establish what it means to belong in an ever-shifting world that might temporarily be at a standstill. That is why this issue takes on the theme of movement.  

As a South-African person who started this magazine in the UK, movement has been an essential tool to establish my network. Our team of diverse writers and editors, while working from home, have channelled their citizen of the world ethos into the stories that follow.  

From acknowledging upcoming anniversaries of mass migrations in our photo essay to finding sustainable ways to travel in our features section, this issue of Truly Belong aims to tell stories of individuals who, like many of us, depend upon movement.  

Despite movement being an indicator of human civilisation, today it has become reserved for those that have a certain privilege – whether it be the right passport or sufficient funds. Those without either must fight tooth and nail or undergo dangerous journeys for a better life.  

In this issue, we hold up a magnifying glass to the stories that honour those who’ve found success amid the odds. We re-envision a world where citizens of the world extend their hand to those from faraway lands and call for the protection of humanity’s future.  

I hope this issue transports you to lands and cultures far and wide that cherish physical movement while challenging the conceptual ones.  

Stay safe,  

Micha-Rose Emmett  

Truly Belong magazine - Migration and Movement Issue

Click here to read the new Truly Belong issue on Migration and Movement.

Highlights from the 8th edition 

Truly Belong is a magazine that starts conversations, and in this edition, we focus on migration and movement. Our contributors have scoured the globe for stories about people to highlight those who have triumphed against the odds. 

During the global pandemic, most of us accepted change early on, others stayed in denial a little longer, and some are still stuck in a parallel world thinking everything will go back to normal. Life With COVID-19 rounds up the three big ways work is changing.  

Truly Belong Magazine - Life with COVID

Travellers are rethinking flying as flight shaming takes off. In Advice from Wingless Wanderers, Zahra Khozema explores how we can stay connected in a world with interwoven economics and dispersed loved ones, while experts weigh in on a global movement to stay grounded. 

Truly Belong Magazine - Advice from Wingless Wanderers

As modern travel opens a world of possibilities, many are still limited by a major factor: the colour of their passport. In Passport Poverty, Rebekah Heaney explores how travel limitations are leaving global citizens behind.  

Passport Poverty

What is Truly Belong? 

Truly Belong was founded in 2014 for international businesspeople, but soon evolved as a platform for those who identify as citizens of the world. This means that we at Truly Belong focus on international issues with international solutions. 

Being a global citizen means having an international outlook while also taking on a responsibility to stay informed about our communities and planet. We offer a contextualised point of view and feature stories related to global politics, the environment and pop culture. Previous print issues have focused on Global Citizenship, Sustainability and Celebration of Women.

 Click here to read the new Truly Belong issue on Migration and Movement.