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5 Uncrowded Places in The UK to Salvage 2020

Journalist at Truly Belong
Berta Balsyte is a professional multi-platform journalist with the BJTC accredited BA diploma in Journalism and Media. She has diverse experience within digital and print journalism, gained in reputable organisations, such as ITV, Reuters, Cambridge Assessment and more.

Berta believes that oftentimes the most compelling stories do not receive enough media coverage, and she is committed to uncovering it. Her interest mainly focuses on the global issues concerning society, science, and the environment.
Berta Balsyte

How often have you recently caught yourself murmuring “not another throwback picture!”...

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Your Average Tuesday in Dominica

Journalist at Truly Belong
Aisha Mohamed is a young journalist, particularly focusing on culture and entertainment.
With experience in both communications and PR, Aisha also works as a digital artist in her free time. Her work has been featured in the likes of CNN Africa, Buzzfeed, VH1 and more.

As a magazine focused on sustainability and the environment, Aisha is committed to writing about environmental challenges across the globe, especially in countries that may not have had extensive exposure. She is also dedicated to highlighting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the long process to achieving them.
Aisha Mohamed

A world away from worries, stressful workdays and gloomy British weather is the beautiful island...

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7 Most Instagramable Places in Dominica

Journalist at Truly Belong
Zahra is a Pakistani-Canadian journalist who’s currently living in the U.K. She has a BA in media production and a master's in journalism.

Zahra has written for platforms like CBC News, Brown Girl Magazine, Broadview Magazine, and Narcity Toronto. Her work often centres around topics related to social justice, culture, and travel. She enjoys fondling Spanish on Duolingo, practicing salsa moves in the shower, and talking to strangers on the subway.
Zahra Khozema

Dominica, a small island in the Caribbean, is an Instagrammer’s best-kept secret. For feeds...

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