Summer in the Caribbean is a beautiful time of the year. With tropical storms and heatwaves, the season also brings with it a natural, refreshing, exhilarating way to cool off with some of the most beautiful swimming spots in the world.

Some travel for food. Some travel for art. This is for those who travel to swim – our top 10 Caribbean summer swimming spot list!

Emerald Pool, Dominica

Situated in the middle of the lush Morne Trois Piton National Park, Emerald Pool sits at the base of a 40-foot waterfall. The pool itself is a bright green colour and surrounded by moss-covered rocks and dangling vines. But when the sun shines through the trees and the light filters onto water, the pool transforms into a deep emerald colour.  

Image Credit: Afar

Little Bay, Anguilla

Tucked away on the coast of Anguilla is an isolated cove with silky sand and gleaming turquoise seas, perfect for long lazy swims and afternoon snorkelling sessions. Only accessible by boat or kayak, or if you’re feeling adventurous, by climbing down the precipitous surrounding cliffs, this little bay is a true hidden treasure.

Image Credit: World Travel Guide

Anse Mamin Beach, St. Lucia

Accessible by a 15-minute walk or a quick boat ride, Anse Mamin is a rustic soft-sanded unveiled jewel. The beach is rarely crowded, and the tranquil aquamarine waters and soaring palm trees are hard to resist, making it the perfect hideaway to soak up the sun and take a dip in the sparkling blue sea.

Image Credit: FWT Magazine

Frenchman’s Cove, Jamaica

Lose track of time on Frenchman’s Cove beach on Jamaica, a treasure trove of splendour and relaxation. Picture perfect with soft, golden sands and crystal blue water, it also offers unforgettable scenery as the sea and river combine to create a tropical paradise.

Image Credit: Fine Art America

Middleham Falls, Dominica

Cascading from the misty mountain tops of Laudat is the lofty 200-foot Middleham Falls, a picturesque and pristine water feature that seemingly descends from the skies above. Nestled at the bottom of these tropical falls is one of the most beautiful crystal-clear swimming spots, but swimmers must make the daring cliffside jump to get to it!

Image Credit: Discover Dominica

Sandy Island, Anguilla

Make your secluded island swimming dreams come true with Sandy Island, a small slice of paradise on Anguilla that is about as remote and private as you can get. Stepping onto this small section of sand in the middle of the sparkling blue sea is the stuff lifetime memories are made of.

Image Credit: Tripadvisor

Dos Ojos Cenote, Riviera Maya

It’s easy to see why Cenote Dos Ojos in Tulum is one of the most famous cenotes in the world. The glorious blue waters almost look painted, and the cenote boasts about 300 miles of connected underwater passageways creating a natural cave system with incredible towering rock formations.

Image Credit: Tripadvisor

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Pinney’s Beach, Nevis

This idyllic piece of coastline is one of the most popular stretches of sand on Nevis, with more than three miles of golden sand lined with palm trees and clear sparkling waters. Pinney’s Beach is located on Nevis, one of the dual islands belonging to the Caribbean country, St Kitts and Nevis where visitors come to swim, snorkel, sunbathe, and watch the world go by.

Image Credit: Caribbean Travel Blog

Champagne Reef, Dominica

Whether it’s swimming in the natural hot springs or hiking to a boiling lake, Dominica has some rare natural marvels, with the bubbles at Champagne Reef being but one. Located in a marine protected area, Champagne Reef gets its name from the champagne-like bubbles that spurt out of the ocean floor from the gas released by volcanic activity under the earth.

Image Credit: The Life Nomadic

Jalousie Beach, St Lucia

Jalousie Beach is a pristine white sand beach at the foot of St Lucia’s Piton Mountains. Ideal for snorkelling and swimming, it’s one of the top-rated beaches on the island and is perfect for enjoying the Caribbean sun and sea. 

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