TOP 10 Global Wellness Retreats  


Experience an ‘olpul’ where, along with Maasai healers, participants spend time in a sacred forest, bonding with nature to revitalise the body and cleanse the spirit.


At PachaMama, a community overlooking the Pacific Ocean, off-grid village living allows people to bond with nature, practice yoga and meditation, embark on musical journeys, and experience ecological living.


The natural thermal waters in parts of Tuscany have been valued since Etruscan times for the healing properties they provide in treating a variety of ailments, from skin complaints to respiratory difficulties.


The land of ‘fire and ice,’ created by volcanoes that birthed numerous hot springs, offers relaxing hot soaks in remote locations, secret lagoons, and natural outdoor tubs.


This country’s short but magnificent coastline offers centuries-old treatments and ‘special interest’ cruises (including yoga), but it is in the mountains and hills that one can delve into nature, taking part in activities such as bear-watching.


The Dead Sea is one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water and is known for treating and remedying incurable discomforts like asthma, psoriasis, and arthritis.


This archipelago boasts a large number of natural alternative medicinal treatments and health remedy plants. One such, the Tamanu Tree, whose oil is said to heal a number of skin disorders, grows prolifically across the country.


The medicinal mud ‘Peloid,’ found in Nin, has a long history of treating and relieving a number of skin disorders and is believed to aid infertility in women.


The Toskana Therme in Bad Sulza presents warm salt water encased in a dome where modern, colourful light is reflected and music reverberates, creating an effect known as ‘Liquid Sound.’


Natural salt caves near Krakow offer therapeutic benefits combined with visual appeal, particularly when visitors venture deep underground to witness the caves’ longstanding stalactites and stalagmites.]]>