It’s Always Warm in Dominica



Once upon a time, way before Christopher Columbus set foot in the Caribbean, there was magnificent island called Wai’tukubuli. “Tall is her body”, explain the indigenous Kalinago, as a tribute to the majestic beauty of the most mountainous island of the Lesser Antilles.

The Kalinago – later baptized by European settlers as the Caribs – were the first human inhabitants on this Eden island. It is them where the Caribbean region inherited its name from. Many years passed until Columbus’ ships reached its shores on a bright Sunday in 1493, which served as inspiration for the island’s current Latin-originated name of Dominica.

Despite the colonial struggles that followed, the island preserved its untainted green beauty and, more importantly, the Caribs still live on their island! They are the last of the Kalinagos in the Eastern Caribbean and carry on their traditions in eight villages in the Carib Territory, set in Dominica’s eastern front. Surprisingly, a stone’s throw away from the protected region rises modern civilisation, boasting famous luxury hotels, black-sanded beaches calmly washed by the surreal turquoise ripples of the ocean.

Known as celebrities’ best kept secret destination, Dominica quickly caught Hollywood’s eye too, setting the perfect scene for Disney’s Oscarwinning Pirates of the Caribbean film series.
Earlier this year, Dominica was honoured at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex. The Carib Wood or ‘Bwa Kwaib’ – Dominica’s national flower – was handstitched into Meghan Markle’s wedding veil. It was one of the 53 symbols representing the countries of the Commonwealth, which Dominica is a part of.

In fact, Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment programme is so well-balanced, that it was crowned the best in the world, according to the latest CBI Index – a special report elaborated by Financial Times’ subsidiary, Professional Wealth Management. It has achieved this with flying colours mostly because, with a 25-year experience to rely on, Dominica elaborated a straightforward, high-quality CBI programme that attracts only the most reputable investors across the globe, while staying true to its moral compass: build a Global Community and do good.

In the true spirit of caring for the world, while the big nations talk about climate change, this small country is doing something innovative about it. It has pledged to become the world’s first climate resilient nation through sustainable initiatives and engineering research that could help other countries minimise the consequences of adverse weather. Dominica’s global vision and inclusive approach to life and business alike really are a breath of fresh air in a world torn by conflict and instability.

And when the British weather lets you down or you need a place to restore your faith in humanity, remember: it’s always warm in Dominica!