The year is winding down and what better way to reminisce some of the spookiest news headlines than Halloween? Every October offers a chance to look back that all the timely memes, celebrities, and trending topics that got their 15 seconds of fame thanks to the internet.

Everything from the scary Brexit back and forth in the EU to the trembling impeachment tweets across the pond, we’ve rounded up the laughs and packaged them in costumes easy to DIY.


Photo credit: Talent Talks

After uncountable scandals and attempts to get Trump out, someone finally made a dent. A whistleblower said President Trump tried to get Ukraine to interfere in the 2020 election, and the White House tried to cover it up. The term “whistleblower” became an iconic part of American politics. Get yourself a whistle and stick a printout of a target on your back to make it extra eerie.

The Nancy Pelosi Clap

Photo source: ABC News

The House Speaker’s sarcastic applause for the president without saying a word has become the defining moment from his State of the Union address. Not only did Pelosi take every opportunity to pass snarky eye-rolls and not-so-subtle ignore gestures towards Trump, she also won all the meme awards. What you need for this costume is a sharp white suit and a quick brushing up on your claps.

Self-Edited Whether Report

Photo credit: BBC

After tweeting the incorrect regions to be impacted by Hurricane Dorian, the US president found a way to visualise his rhetoric by editing a weather forecast chart with a Sharpie marker. The internet, with its eternal love of the zoom feature, immediately caught whiff. Just when you thought he couldn’t outdo himself, there it was. For this costume, draw up your own weather chart and let a black marker take your imagination. Don’t forget your red tie and a flag pin to compliment the moment.

Devolved Parliament

Photo credit: BBC

Let’s step into British politics, shall we? World famous, homegrown street artist Banksy’s painting “Devolved Parliament” sold for almost £10 million. The record-breaking sale in a London auction house showed apes as MPs in the House of Commons. Though he painted the four-meter-long canvas in 2009, many compared the piece to current-day politics, namely the chaotic discourse in the House of Commons over Brexit. So, get out your monkey masks or paint your face furry for this wild costume. To avoid looking like Bruno Mars’ Lazy Sunday music video, add a judge’s mallet.

Dead in a ditch

Photo Credit: Vanity Fair

There is just something about catchy one-liners and politicians that go hand in hand. Remember when British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he’d rather be dead in a ditch than ask for an extension on the October Brexit deadline? Well, it looks like we got one. If you’re looking to really do something scary this Halloween, be ‘dead in a ditch’ by dressing up as a zombie and carrying a shovel.

Greta Thunberg & Mother Earth

Photo credit: Stephanie Leung

Perhaps the hottest topic of 2019 and one that will continue to attract attention is climate change. This summer, the Guardian’s journalists and editors constructed a list where they agreed that they were going to substitute the term “climate change” with “climate crisis”. Youth protests were a huge in the lead up to that decision. This costume is an ode to the global climate strikes demanding change. Now pick a friend, braid your hair, and get crafting.

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Zahra Khozema