Today, Truly Belong time travels to the past to list some of the most significant moments to occur in history on this day.

1536 – Anne Boleyn is Executed

The second wife of Henry VIII is regarded as one of the most influential queens in English history. Anne Boleyn served as queen from 1533 until her beheading at the Tower of London for crimes of adultery, incest and treason.

When Henry met Anne, he was already married to his first wife Catherine of Aragon. His request for the marriage to be annulled by the Catholic Church was denied so he began the removal of the church’s power in the country and started the Reformation.

Boleyn gave birth to Elizabeth I, much to Henry’s disapproval as he had wanted a son, and later had three miscarriages – at that point, Henry had already moved on to his next wife, Jane Seymour.

1649 – England the Republic?

Believe it or not but England wasn’t always a monarchy. In 1649, an Act of Parliament was passed after the execution of Charles I which saw England and Wales, and later Scotland and Ireland, governed as a republic. However, the monarchy was restored only 11 years later.

1925 – Malcolm X is Born

Ninety-five years ago, today, Malcolm X – born Malcolm Little – was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Malcolm X was significant to the civil rights movement and his teachings and pursuit of racial justice continues to be commemorated to this day.

Malcolm X was vocal within the Nation of Islam until internal tensions disillusioned the activist and he left the group. He is best known for his advocacy of Black nationalism and didn’t back down from urging Black Americans to use violence in the face of aggression as iterated in his famous quote: “By any means necessary”

Malcolm X was under frequent surveillance by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and received death threats from the Nation of Islam. He was assassinated in 1965 at the age of 39.

1962 – Happy Birthday Mr. President

The sultry rendition of Happy Birthday by Marilyn Monroe has solidified itself in popular culture for decades. Monroe sang the tune for the 45th President John F. Kennedy at a fundraiser in New York. The moment is best remembered for her husky voice and her sheer dress. The appearance was one of the last major ones before her death less than three months later. The iconic dress was sold for $1.26 million at an auction in 1999.

2018 – The Marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

More recently, Prince Harry, the former Duke of Sussex married former American actress and Suits alumni Meghan Markle at the Windsor Castle. Since the couple announced their relationship, a mass media coverage launched, particularly focusing on Meghan Markle, her race and her family. Millions congregated to watch the wedding on TV while over 100,000 people flocked to the castle for a glimpse of the royal couple. 

Aisha Mohamed