Let this year’s wildest moments, biggest movies, award-winning TV shows, beloved celebrities and more inspire your 2020 Halloween outfit.

This year might look a little different than most, but pop culture never takes a break. One thing the world has learnt from 2020 is to expect the unexpected, and with all the shocking announcements and juicy entertainment news we’ve faced this year, there’s a lot of inspiration that you can use to create an epic pop culture costume.

Nurse Ratched  – Ratched

Image Credit: Digital Spy

Sarah Paulson portrays this sinister nurse on the creepy new Netflix series Ratched. Her ’40s style nursing ensemble is easy to replicate, and you can quickly wear a mask and not lose the integrity of the character. She’s a nurse!

Carol Baskin –  Tiger King

Hey, all you cool cats and kittens! Who can forget the Netflix docuseries that dominated our screens in March of this year? And with Carole Baskin having joined “Dancing with The Stars” in September, what better reason to put on every single piece of animal print you own.

Joe Exotic – Tiger King

If you’re keen on the “Tiger King” look, but want a more masculine guise, Joe Exotic might just be the purrfect costume for you. A mullet-style wig, handlebar tash, and some piercings brought together by a voracious thirst for retribution are all you need to get this costume to life. 

Image Credit: NY Times

Lockdown Zoomer

We’ve all done it. Sat down for a Zoom meeting looking freshly made up and showered, meanwhile from the waist down we are lounging in our cosy pyjamas pants and fluffy slippers. Complete the look with a hairdo that says business in the front, party in the back.

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Moira Rose – Schitts Creek

Catherine O’Hara has gifted us with many Halloween-worthy costumes over the years. However, never one was as iconic as the ensemble the Rose family matriarch, Moira, wore to officiate the wedding of her son David in the show’s tear-jerking finale episode.  

Image Credit: News.Nestia

Harley Quinn – Birds of Prey

If, like most of us, you dressed up as Harley Quinn back in 2016, then dig that old costume out and cause mayhem with the rest of your crew because our girl made a comeback in this year’s Birds of Prey.   

Billy Eilish at the Grammys

If you’re looking for an instantly identifiable costume idea, the Billie Eilish look from the 2020 Grammys is it. Thanks to her signature bright green roots and baggy clothing style, you really could pick any 2020 ensemble from the quirky singer.

Image Credit: Footwear News

Hazmat Suit

What would 2020 be without a good old Hazmat suit! Be prepared to survive any contaminated situation in this firm pandemic favourite complete with full face covering and gloves.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Gone but never forgotten, RBG has left behind a towering legacy, not only in law and politics but also pop culture. Pay tribute to this trailblazing human rights crusader with a black robe, a lace collar and some Jackie O inspired spectacles.

The Handmaids Tale

Blessed be the fruit! 2020 has levied many Handmaids Tale-like moments, and in the world of disturbing Halloween costumes, dystopia can be portrayed through a simple red cape and white bonnet.

Image Credit: The Gaurdian

Creative Masking

Halloween is the perfect time to channel someone mysterious, so why not take inspiration from Orville Peck? The Canadian country crooner has an impressive array of stylish masks bringing an air of secrecy to his true identity.  

Image Credit: Grammy.com

Black Panther

The world is still reeling from the untimely and shocking death of Chadwick Boseman. While this look was THE costume of 2018, pay tribute to Boseman’s 2020 passing with an outfit of his most iconic character. Wakanda Forever.

Feature Image Credit: Empire Online

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