Truly Belong is looking for original pitches for our 8th print issue on the theme of movement. The London-based magazine was founded in 2014 for people who identify as citizens of the world. This means that we at Truly Belong focus on international issues with international solutions.

Being a global citizen means having an international outlook while also taking on a responsibility to stay informed about our communities and planet.

Truly Belong offers nuanced and contextualised international news which features stories related to global politics, the environment and pop culture. We have a readership close to 50,000 and our content is also available online.

Theme: Movement

People have moved and settled from one place to another since the beginning of time. Some in the hope of a better life and others in search of knowledge or new experiences. Technological development and simplified tourism processes have made movement more accessible to the masses. However, in recent years, the topic of movement has dominated the global discussion and has been used as a political weapon.

This issue of Truly Belong will centre around the theme of movement of people, politics and social ideologies. The publication will discuss small- and large-scale migrations throughout history, their causes and the impacts they have on communities and individuals. The issue is meant to put human interest front and centre while highlighting new and different perspectives.

The magazine is divided into 3 sections: Perspectives, which are opinions or experiences backed with research, between 500-600 words; Features, that are longer, in-depth stories with multiple perspectives and sources that present a focused narrative of an affair, this can be in essay style and first-person, between 1000-1500 words; and Spotlight, which are thought-provoking reviews of current cultural trends in events, books, podcasts, events, or movies, between 300-400 words.

We are accepting pitches for stories in all three sections.


  • Publication in the print magazine which circulates to over 50,000 readers;
  • Publication in the digital magazine;
  • A free print copy mailed to your address;
  • The opportunity to work with editors in order to perfect your piece;
  • Experience in freelance journalism;
  • A letter of reference (if needed);
  • The opportunity to have your story be judged by senior editors in order to qualify for the ultimate prize of a one-week trip to the Caribbean island of Dominica with airfare, accommodation, and a set allowance for food and island excursions;
  • An opportunity to work with us again;
  • Base pay of £0.15/word

*Terms and conditions apply.

Things to include in your pitch:

  • Your full name;
  • Two samples of your work, preferably journalistic;
  • A quick summary of your story idea (address the 5ws);
  • Explain the connection to the theme of movement;
  • Potential first and secondary sources;
  • The section of the magazine you see your story fit (e.g. Perspective, Feature or Spotlight);

Potential story topics to seek ideas in

Movement of people: What are the trends and policies around migration where you live? How is being an “expat” different from being a “migrant”? What causes forced human movement (e.g. trafficking, modern slavery, climate change, war detainees)? Do you know migrants in your community? Do they have success stories or has the state failed them? Are you or anyone you know a migrant/refugee/asylum seeker? Is anyone you know doing anything to help displaced people? What issues does movement cause for individuals and communities? How does this impact identity (hybridity, third culture kids, statelessness etc)? Who is most vulnerable (e.g. women, people of colour, children)? How is movement restricted (e.g. visa bans, India not allowing Muslim migrants citizenship, detainment in camps in China)?

Political movements: What are some movements happening in the world now and how do they compare to ones before? What are the similarities between pro-democracy protests and climate strikes? Do you see a rise of populism today? Do those leaders employ similar tactics?

A change in perspectives: How do you decipher between the truth and fake news? What triggered the shift in more governments and people being concerned about the climate?

The deadline to submit your pitches to <> is January 14th, 2020. Please get in touch with us if you have further questions. Only those selected will be contacted in late January 2020.