Sustainable Futures

Sustainable Futures is an online course that undergraduates can take along with their degree subjects, but is also open to anyone, whether you are studying at Bristol University or not.
Belong spoke to two of the course’s teachers, Eleni Michalopoulou, and Dr. Aisling Tierney about what they teach on the course and what students can hope to get from it.
One of the first things students learn about on the course is the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the sustainability challenges facing the modern world. Students also learn how they can contribute to making a sustainable future.
Students will look at how people are trying to make a difference to sustainability on a local, regional and international level. They will examine case studies, which show how this is happening, such as the acute problem of homelessness in Bristol and the problem of microplastics and global greenhouse gas emissions.

Global Citizenship

Like Sustainable Futures, Global citizenship is an optional online course that undergraduates can take alongside their degrees but is also open to the general public.
Belong spoke to its founder and one of its key teachers, Dr. Sally Anne Kitts about what the students learn on the course and how it helps them understand a world, which is becoming increasingly global.
Students explore what being a global citizen might mean in practice and the conflict between global, national and local issues.
They look at issues surrounding migration and how wealth inequalities and resources impact our societies. They study how religious and secular issues can affect societies and what makes a community.
Students will also learn how they personally can make a difference to their community in an increasingly global world where we are all more connected and more isolated than we have ever been before.]]>

Edward Cowley