Albanian Ambassador Qirjako Qirko and Dr. Kevin Isaac, St Kitts and Nevis’ High Commissioner to the UK[/caption]

Strengthening Ties with European Countries

It is expected the agreement will create a framework for the strengthening of ties between the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis and the Republic of Albania. It is an example of the policies of St Kitts and Nevis’ Unity Government to build strong global relationships and strengthen bonds with European countries. “I see this as an opportunity to advance easier people to people movement between our two countries and to allow St Kitts and Nevis to further anchor people empowerment in the Federation’s sustainable development agenda,” said the High Commissioner, who said he looked forward to making use of visa-free travel to Albania. Mr. Qirko also said he looked forward to visiting St Kitts and Nevis without applying for a visa. High Commissioner Isaac commended Ambassador Qirko for the tolerance demonstrated across Albania where several different religious groups co-exist and thrive peacefully together. Shortly after the ceremony, the St Kitts and Nevis Premiere, Mark Brantley, who heads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, tweeted: “Delighted that #StKitts #Nevis has today signed a visa waiver agreement with #Albania to allow #visa free visits for short stays. We look forward to greater people to people contact with #Albania as we continue to expand our diplomatic footprint #DiplomacyMatters.”‬]]>

Edward Cowley