Environmental Breakdown Causing Health Crisis Jones said that the current environmental crisis was quickly also becoming a health crisis. “There is a growing awareness that this environmental crisis is also a health crisis,” he said. “Doctors are scientifically literate, so they understand the facts of this emergency and because they are looking after people every day, they are inherently caring so they really get the likely impact. Politeness no longer makes sense and inaction is now negligent. Children are rising up to protect their future. We must now take direct action with them,” he said. While Dr. David Pencheon, Honorary Professor of Health and Sustainable Development at the University of Exeter, told Extinction Rebellion that environmental breakdown was fast becoming one of the biggest threats to global health. “Climate and environmental breakdown with plummeting levels of biodiversity are the biggest health threats we face. All that makes life worth living is at severe risk. The solutions need to be bold and quick – they will bring both immediate and long-term benefits to all living systems including human beings,” he said. The letter follows a separate letter from the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change, which represents 650,000 health care professionals and major health bodies calling for the government to adopt a target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Theresa May the outgoing British Prime Minister introduced a bill in parliament earlier in June to make this target legally binding to any future UK governments, but despite all the rhetoric no one in government has yet exactly how the UK will achieve this extremely ambitious target.]]>

Edward Cowley