Since last year, climate activist Greta Thunberg has taken the world by storm for her firm stance on climate change and government inaction. She first became celebrated for sitting alone outside the Swedish parliament at age 15 in protest of the climate crisis. Since then, she’s become the face of a global movement – Fridays for Future – and has inspired teenagers across the world to participate in the fight for their future.

Last month, Greta began a two-week voyage from England to New York to attend important climate conferences in both the US and Chile. She travelled on the Malizia II racing yacht which featured solar panels and underwater turbines as a means of reducing emissions.

Since arriving in the US, Thunberg has kept busy. Not only has she rallied amongst fellow young activists outside of the White House but has also got the chance to sit down with former US President Barack Obama who described her as “already one of the planet’s greatest advocates.”

Thunberg to Congress: ‘Wake Up’

However, she was also sure to pull no punches and called out the United States for its position in the climate crisis particularly as being the biggest carbon polluters in history and the top producers of oil. While Greta didn’t point fingers at climate-denier Donald Trump, she made it very clear who this was directed at: “And yet you are also the only nation in the world who has signalled with strong intention to leave the Paris agreement because it was a bad deal for the US.”

This week, Thunberg attended a congressional hearing on climate change, also attended by fellow passionate climate activists. While she prepared no remarks, she instead decided to submit the 2018 IPCC report on limiting global warming to 1.5°C. Determinedly, the activist reminded members of Congress to listen to science, and unite behind the facts.

Thunberg’s work is far from over, though, as the young Swedish teenager will be attending the UN Climate Action Summit on the 23rd of September where she will be expected to speak. While it may be courageous to see such young activists come together for the sake of the planet, it’s important to remember that despite the bravery, teenagers should not have to fight for their future and this problem is something that must be tackled by those causing it.

Photo Credit: GQ

Aisha Mohamed