A world away from worries, stressful workdays and gloomy British weather is the beautiful island of Dominica.

Imagine lounging at the edge of an infinity pool blending into the Caribbean Sea, surrounded by endless stretches of greenery with colourful parrots flying about, a rum punch by your side and a laptop to connect you to your main office in London. This isn’t a metaphor. It is an average day at the office for a handful of millionaires and businesspersons who have discovered the understated possibilities Dominica has to offer.

As if life wasn’t good enough already, this little island is also a poster child for sustainability. After all, they have a reputation to keep up as the ‘Nature Isle of the Caribbean’. Plastic is pretty much entirely banned in Dominica, everyone uses eco-friendly shopping bags which the government is giving away, hoteliers use ethically-sourced local produce and give out equipment for their neighbourhoods to use for free, tourism is done the right way and avoids overcrowding, and there’s a geothermal plant in the works that will give everyone clean energy.

This dreamy life is not limited to billionaires alone though. There’s a special government initiative, called the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme that allows you and your family to become Dominican citizens and enjoy all the benefits that come with it. A stable, peaceful and secure future for you, your family and endless generations to enjoy forever. 9d

The Commonwealth of Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic) has a magic appeal to it and investors have a soft spot for it. Destroyed in the Hurricane Maria aftermath in 2017, Dominica overcame the challenge valiantly and its journey to climate resilience continues to inspire the world. It has come so far in such a short space of time, that the Financial Times’ fDi Intelligence magazine ranked it as one of the top 20 tourism destinations of the future, perfect for those with a predilection for wellness and all-things natural.

There are two ways to become a citizen of Dominica: either investing into real state or making a one-off contribution of at least US$100,000 to the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF). For both options, you will need to complete all the paperwork and pass the security checks, but the process for the EDF may be faster than four months since you’re dealing directly with the government via your authorised agent, who is compulsory to apply through.

All the money raised through CBI, and EDF in particular, goes towards fascinating and far-reaching socio-economic initiatives on the island, like building 5,000 modern homes for hurricane displaced Dominicans to live in for free, or raising the standards of education and opening dozens of health centres across the island. So pick a hotel to call your own – or skip this step, then hire an agent off the www.cbiu.gov.dm website and start a new chapter in your life before the end of this summer. In fact, make summer your allyear-round season, with 365 days of sun and exactly 365 rivers to accompany each day of the year on the island.

Your average work week as a full-fledged citizen of Dominica? Bathe in emerald waterfalls on Monday, dive with sperm whales on Tuesday, yoga off a cliff edge on Wednesday, eat fresh lobster and catch of the day on Thursday, discover secret tiki bars and beach parties on Friday, go on an incredible hiking trail on Saturday, soothe in the hot springs near the Boiling Lake on Sunday. And – best of all – be stunned by how kind and warm the people living on the island are every single day.

Aisha Mohamed