A Welcome Move, But Not Enough Campaigners welcomed the move but said it didn’t go far enough. Surfers Against Sewage were the most positive and said, “it’s a really positive and bold step in the right direction against plastic pollution.” But Emma Priestland from Friends of the Earth warned that these three single-use items were just a tiny fraction of a much bigger problem. “These three items are just a fraction of the single-use nasties that are used for a tiny amount of time before polluting the environment for centuries to come. Ultimately, we need producers to take responsibility for the plastic pollution caused by all their products, whether it’s bags, balloons, packets, containers or otherwise. That’s why we’re campaigning for legislation to cut back on pointless plastic across the board,” she told UK media. While the WWF has called for a ban on all single use plastics by 2025 and has said governments need to “really ramp up their commitments”.]]>

Edward Cowley